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twilight icon awards....twiconawards@lj

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb

Twilight Icon Awards
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Twilight Icon Awards
and so the lion fell in love with the lamb
what a stupid lamb. what a sick, masochistic lion.
to twiconawards, your newest Twilight icon awards community where you can nominate your favorite icons from the Twilight fandom.

rules of the game...
01. Nominations are open from Monday 00:00am and close on Friday 5:00pm the week after the next. That gives you 12 days to get your nominations in.
02. Voting goes up around Friday 5:00pm and will close on Sunday 8:00pm. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
03. All icons must be related to the Twilight series and fit the LJ size standards (under 40kb and 100x100 pixels or smaller)
04. No hotlinking of the icons. Please upload them to your personal host or free image hosting service.
05. Make sure you let the nominees know of the nominations.
06. When posting nominations, please put the username of the maker next to each icon, not the community.
07. For every icon that you nominate of your own you must nominate one by someone else.
08. Please don't use LJ cuts. This will help keep an overview more clearly.
09. Try to nominate at least one icon in every category and make sure not to nominate more than two icons in each category.
10. There are many talented Twilight icon makers out there, so try to limit the amount of noms for icons by one maker to a maximum of five to six icons.
11. Please try to avoid nomming icons that have previously won (you can double check that here) or even been nominated before. I know it's hard, but we want to try and give everyone a chance and have a wide variety of icon makers recognized, so that would be most appreciated.

Note: All times are CEST - Central European Summer Time. Check here for more information about timezones.

Perfect Piece Of Our Forever -- Best overall icon
Spunk Ransom et al. -- Best actor/actress icon
You Are My Life Now -- Best couple/shipper icon
I'm Not Going To Cut You In Half Anymore -- Best use of cropping
His Golden Eyes -- Best use of color
I Can't Fight With An Eclipse -- Best black&white icon (splashes of color are allowed)
My Brand Of Heroin -- Best icon of a human character
Oooo, Scary -- Best icon of a vampire/werewolf
Do I Dazzle You? -- Best creative/complex icon
I'd Like To Beat You Dead -- Best textless icon
I Sign Your Name Better Than You Do Yourself -- Best use of text
I'll Give You Passionate -- Best animated icon
Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner -- Best comedic icon
I Can't Understand. I Can't Bear This -- Best emotional icon

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